PTA Group is pleased to offer you the new catalogue as a representation of the products we offer. In addition to the products listed in the catalogue, we offer several additional instruments, accessories, and options to meet your requirements.

Since our product range is constantly updated, specifications and descriptions may change.

Spectrophotometer with software Novicolor

Ref : N5900

For determination of ISO brightness (whitness), color, color differences,


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We distribute testing machines for the paper industry: analysis of papers, paperboards and pulps. Part of the manufacturing equipment is made in France in our production unit. We have many agents around the world. The PTA group gives to our business a commercial and technical presence all over the world.

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Board, Paper, Pulp, Tissue

Laboratory software

PTA Group opens in 2012 a new service aiming at developing 

Computer applications for the laboratory.

Our goal is to meet different needs of our customers

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We ensure the maintenance of testing apparatus in many control and research laboratories.
We move in the laboratories to do maintenance and calibration on site.

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