Board - Compressometer

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code SC 500
ISO 13805 / 3035 / 13192, TAPPI T808 / T809 / T811 / T 818 / T821 / T825 / T 839


The SC-500 is a equipment developed to perform Sample Crush Tests like CCT,
The SC-500 can be controlled in a very simple way through a control panel with a
total of 6 buttons and a LCD Display. From this panel it is possible to carry out tests,
besides controlling all the functions and implemented configurations, what allows a total
autonomy of the equipment. It is also equipped with a RS-232 type communication port to
allow connect it to a computer. Through this port and the appropriate program it is possible
to transfer data and a total control of the equipment.




It is necessary to highlight the following characteristics of the equipment:

  • two displacement speeds , configurable from 1 to 150 mm/min that allow for example to
    establish a speed for the approach or preload and another for the test.
  • Several ways of reading the Force and Extension, with a resolution of 0.004% of the full
    scale of force, and 0.2 mm in elongation.
  • Total control of the test parameters, as the preload value, the approach speed, the
    automatic return, the break detection or the units selection.
  • Diverse security protection systems, those that is necessary to highlight are the
    displacement limit switches, the electronic protection against overloads or the emergency



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