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code BCxxxx
ISO 12048, TAPPI T804, DIN EN 22 872

For testing the compression resistance against of boxes

  • 4 Load cells of goopd accuracy.
  • Variable test speed: 1 to 400 mm/min.
  • 2 balls spindle of low friction.
  • Test with oscillating or fix plate (ISO/TAPPI) possible (changeable)
  • Deformation reading in mm or inch



 Equipped with 4 electronic LOAD CELLS placed under the inferior fix plate.
 Wide range of testers: 0 ... 150kN available.
 The upper movable compression plate can operate in two ways: Fix and parallel to the inferior plate TAPPI T 804 and movable with omni directional ball (oscillating plate) FEFCO 50 / ISO 12 048
 Electronic transducer of deformations (optic encocder)
 The guiding of the movable plate is made by means of 4 cylindrical column-guide and linear bearings, of very low friction.
 Security stroke limits(2 fixed in the limits) and (2 movables-fix)
 Switch for emergency stop
 2 spindles with low friction
 Electronic Speed variator of tests, adjustable between 1 and 400 mm/min
 Silent block feets for anti-vibration



 Controlled by microprocessor.
 Alphanumerical display of liquid crystal glass
 Indication of tests, averages, standard deviation and force
 Automatic recognition of load cells.
 Port series RS232


 Rango: 2% a 100% - Precisión 1% de la fuerza aplicada.
 Range: 2 % to 100 % - Accuracy 1 % of strength applied.
 Digital load tare 20 % with the load cell in its maximum capacity.
 Select units in digital display: Newtons – Kilos or pounds.


 Straight measure from the operation spindles (from Optoelectric)
 Unique range of measurement (1 scale) with resolution of reading every 0,01 mm
 Select units: milimetres or inches


 Speed control: 1 to 400 mm/min
 Return speed: 1 to 200 mm/min
 Pre-load speed: 1 to 200 mm/min
 Resolution of prefixed speed: 0,1 mm/min
 Speed accuracy: 1 %


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