Board - Burst tester

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code EM-50
ISO 2758, TAPPI T403 et T807, SCAN P25, P24, DIN 53 141


For determination of the burst value of Paper or/and Corrugated Board (Same Equipment)

. Digital display of the burst value.
. Value of BEA (Burst Energy Absorption) in the display.
. Units: kPa – kg/cm2 – Bar – PSI
. Measuring range: 5000 kPa (7500 kPa OPTIONAL).
. RS-232 output.
. 2 Test Speeds (Paper and Corrugated Board).
. Closed Circuit to blow out air.
. Statistics: Average and standard deviation.


Tests are made by means of a hydraulic pressure (glycerine hydraulic liquid) which is transmitted to the sample by means of a natural rubber membrane. The maximum pressure reached in the breaking moment of the sample is shown in the electronic display situated at the front of the instruments.


After placing the sample in its test position, press the central test position. The metacrylate protection cover will go down and the pneumatic plunger will close the sample support. The hydraulic pressure device will automatically act on the sample. When the sample breaks, the hydraulic cylinder will automatically stop and return to it's initial start position. The protection cover and the sample support will open automatically leaving the equipment ready for the next test.




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