Board - Puncture Tester

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code PT-100
ISO 3036, TAPPI T803, SCAN P23, DIN 53 142


For measuring the required energy to puncture corrugated board & cardboard

  • Steel frame design to avoid any vibrations during test.
  • Pendulum with arm in a circular angle of 90º.
  • Striking head in triangular pyramid.
  • 4 reading scales.
  • Disengaging mechanism, with security system.
  • Self-tightening grips with adjustable closing pressure to clamp the sample.



The test consists of puncturing a board sample with a triangular pyramid-shaped striking head, which is fixed to a pendulum. The required energy for the striking head to cross the sample completely is measured. This means, to do the initial puncture, tear and open the board.


The equipment includes

• Strong steel frame, designed to avoid energy losses by vibration during the test.
• Pendulum with arm in circular angle of 90º.
• Striking head in a triangular pyramid (manufactured according to international standards).
• Collar with smooth adjustment to the base of striking base.
• Interchangeable weights A, B, C and D to select scale of required work.
• Disengaging mechanism with security system.
• Security cover screens to avoid accidents to the user.
• Self-tightening grips with adjustable closing pressure to clamp the sample.
• 4 reading scales in joules:

• 0 – 6 Joules with resolution of 0,003 Joules
• 0 – 12 Joules with resolution of 0,006 Joules
• 0 – 24 Joules with resolution of 0,012 Joules
• 0 – 48 Joules with resolution of 0,024 Joules

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