Tissue - Tensile tester horizontal

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code F81502
ISO 1924/2, TAPPI T494 et T456, SCAN P38, P67, EN 12625-4 et 5

For determination of the tensile strength, elongation and tensile energy absorption (TEA)

  • Integrated Industry-PC with graphic display
  • Sample clamping: 15 till 50 mm
  • Pneumatic clamping of the sample with automatic sample detection
  • After sample break quick refeeding of the clamps to the start-position
  • Standard measuring cell: 500 N, but also available with 250 or 100 N-measuring cells
  • Standard RS 232C-interface connection



Test description

A cut or punched sample with the exact sample width of 15, 25 or 50 mm +/- 0,1 mm is put into the
device (50 mm for tissue). The sensors on the clamps is detected the sample and it will be clamped. After
the clamping the test is started automatically. The sample is stretched with a continuous speed and teared
off. This tearing is assessed from the measuring cell as sample break and shown on the display. With the
tearing of the sample the clamps are refeeding to the start-position and the sample is released again.
The sample is removed and the new one positioned to start a new measurement. After finish the testing the
“statistic”-button is pushed and the instrument is calculated the statistic values as average, max, min, standard
deviation, etc... Every single measurement is displayed. It is possible to put different test curves one upon

the other and print on a suitable printer.




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