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Vous trouverez toutes nos gammes de produits. Tous les appareils permettant de contrôler votre production sont disponibles. Les appareils Noviprofibre sont fabriqués en France.


    New range of Printability testers with integrated, camera based, analysis system...

  • IGT printability tester AIC2-5T2000 (220 volt)

    IGT Testing Systems has for many decades been supplying the well-known AIC2-5 pr...

  • IGT Orange Proofer

    Dedicated tester to produce colour prints of conventional and UV offset inks. Al...

  • Manual micrometer for board

    Apparatus for determining the thickness of a sheet of corrugated cardboard.


  • Crush Tester

    To carry out different type of compression tests on paper and corrugated board.<...

  • Puncture Tester for board with digital display

    For measuring the required energy to puncture corrugated board & cardboard

  • SCT apparatus

    For measurement of the short & zero-span compression (SCT) on paper and board st...

  • Burst Tester for board/paper

    For determination of the bursting strength resistance of corrugated board

  • Box compression testeur

    Box and general packaging equipments with fixed plates and oscillating fixed pla...

  • Vertical laboratory flutter PTA for CMT – CCT test

    For the preparation of corrugates samples for CMT and CCT tests

  • FCT Circular cutter 100 cm²

    Board Cutter for 100 cm² circular sample for FCT test and grammage

  • Sample punch for Stiffness tester and tear tester

    To cut sample templates for rigidimeter and tear tester


  • Pneumatic sample cutter

    To cut samples round to basis weight.
  • Automatic digital elmendorf tear tester

    For determine the tearing resistance of paper and board

  • Internal Bond Tester

    Digital equipment to determine the adhesion of internal layers on paper and pape...

  • Twin folding tester Schopper method

    For determination of the resistance of paper, according to the Schopper principl...

  • Paper testing waxes sticks

    Dennison waxes are used to do the pinking test for coating paper.

  • Cobb sizing tester automatic clamping or manual

    For determining the water absorbance of paper or board
    With automatic clampin...

  • Resonance stiffness tester system Kodak

    For the evaluation of the stiffness according to the resonance length method

  • Universal Tensile Tester

    For determination of tensile strength and elongation.
  • Micrometer for paper

    Used to measure the thickness of a sheet of paper.
    Two models existing.

  • Spectrophotometer

    For determination of ISO brightness (whitness), color, color differences, flu...

  • Bending stiffness tester

    For determination of the bending strength and the bending stiffness of paper and...

  • Bendtsen Type Tester Manual

    For measuring the roughness and the air permeance of paper and board according t...