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Vous trouverez toutes nos gammes de produits. Tous les appareils permettant de contrôler votre production sont disponibles. Les appareils Noviprofibre sont fabriqués en France.

  • ECT sample saw hand operated

    Allows to cut samples of corrugated cardboard of big thickness for ECT.

  • Punch and dye cutter 300 x 15 mm

    For punching strips for the tensile tests

  • Double wheel cutter upon request until from 10 to 295mm width

    Sample cutter for strips of paper and board
    upon request until from 10 to 295...

  • ECT Cutter Billerud type

    To prepare board samples to do ECT test.

  • Precision double blade cutter

    Pour découper des bandes échantillons de largeur fixe 12.7 15, 25 ou 50 mm

  • Samples preparation IBT

    Manual or automatic samples preparation for IBT


  • Balance 220g with precision of 0.0001g

    For the IGT C1 and Orange proofer range. This scale accurately measures the tran...

  • IGT high speed inking unit 4

    Inking unit to apply and distribute ink films of accurate kown, reproducible and...

  • IGT Inking Unit AE Four

    AE Four: Inking unit used to apply ink films of reproducible and constant layer ...

  • Pneumatic sample cutter

    To cut samples round to basis weight.
  • Automatic digital elmendorf tear tester

    For determine the tearing resistance of paper and board

  • Internal Bond Tester

    Digital equipment to determine the adhesion of internal layers on paper and pape...

  • Twin folding tester Schopper method

    For determination of the resistance of paper, according to the Schopper principl...

  • Paper testing waxes sticks

    Dennison waxes are used to do the pinking test for coating paper.

  • Cobb sizing tester automatic clamping or manual

    For determining the water absorbance of paper or board
    With automatic clampin...

  • Micrometer for paper

    Used to measure the thickness of a sheet of paper.
    Two models existing.

  • Resonance stiffness tester system Kodak

    For the evaluation of the stiffness according to the resonance length method

  • Universal Tensile Tester

    For determination of tensile strength and elongation.
  • Spectrophotometer

    For determination of ISO brightness (whitness), color, color differences, flu...

  • Bending stiffness tester

    For determination of the bending strength and the bending stiffness of paper and...

  • Bendtsen Type Tester Manual

    For measuring the roughness and the air permeance of paper and board according t...