You will find our product range for paper testing. All devices to control your production are available. Noviprofibre devices are manufactured in France.

  • Pneumatic sample cutter

    To cut samples round to basis weight.
  • Automatic digital elmendorf tear tester

    For determine the tearing resistance of paper and board

  • Internal Bond Tester

    Digital equipment to determine the adhesion of internal layers on paper and pape...

  • Twin folding tester Schopper method

    For determination of the resistance of paper, according to the Schopper principl...

  • Cobb sizing tester automatic clamping or manual

    For determining the water absorbance of paper or board
    With automatic clampin...

  • Paper testing waxes sticks

    Dennison waxes are used to do the pinking test for coating paper.

  • Universal Tensile Tester

    For determination of tensile strength and elongation.
  • Resonance stiffness tester system Kodak

    For the evaluation of the stiffness according to the resonance length method

  • Micrometer for paper

    Used to measure the thickness of a sheet of paper.
    Two models existing.

  • Bending stiffness tester

    For determination of the bending strength and the bending stiffness of paper and...

  • Spectrophotometer

    For determination of ISO brightness (whitness), color, color differences, flu...

  • Gurley

    To determine the paper porosity according to Gurley method. Two version, automoa...