Sample preparation

You will find our product range for sample preparation. All devices to control your production are available. Noviprofibre devices are manufactured in France.

  • Multi Cutter multi strip

    This new design device allows you to cut simultaneously several test pieces of v...

  • Round sample cutter 100CM²

    Cut 100 cm² samples for grammage

  • Manual circular cutter 100 cm²

    To cut samples round of 100 cm ² for basis weight.
  • Pneumatic sample cutter

    To cut samples round to basis weight.
  • FCT Circular cutter 100 cm²

    Board Cutter for 100 cm² circular sample for FCT test and grammage

  • Sample punch for Stiffness tester and tear tester

    To cut sample templates for rigidimeter and tear tester


  • ECT sample saw hand operated

    Allows to cut samples of corrugated cardboard of big thickness for ECT.

  • Punch and dye cutter 300 x 15 mm

    For punching strips for the tensile tests

  • Double wheel cutter upon request until from 10 to 295mm width

    Sample cutter for strips of paper and board
    upon request until from 10 to 295...

  • ECT Cutter Billerud type

    To prepare board samples to do ECT test.

  • Precision double blade cutter

    Pour découper des bandes échantillons de largeur fixe 12.7 15, 25 ou 50 mm