IGT printability tester AIC2-5T2000 (220 volt)

IGT Testing Systems has for many decades been supplying the well-known AIC2-5 printability tester for making numerous tests on different substrates and inks in quality control and research.
The AIC2-5 tester prints on different materials like paper, board, plastic film, cellophane, laminate, metal, etc.


ISO 3783


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  • Tests small quantities of ink and substrate in conditions simulating actual practice.
  • Makes colour strips with various inks on different substrates, which can be used for numerous purposes.
  • Saves costs because many tests do not need to be made on the printing presses.
  • High repeatability and reproducibility
  • Simple to operate
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Large range of possible tests
  • Consistent results
  • The original ISO 3783 compliant pick tester

Delivery list

  • 1 Printing disc 10 mm, aluminium, ø 65 mm, 115 g
  • 2 Printing disc 50 mm, coated rubber 85 Shore A, ø 68 mm, 150 g
  • 2 Printing disc 50 mm, rubber blanket, ø 66 mm, 140 g
  • 10 Packings, paper, 55 mm for AIC2-5 60
  • 1 IGT Pick test oil, medium viscosity, 52 Pa.s tube, each 70 ml


  • 115 V 50/60 Hz or 230 V 50/60 Hz

Weight and dimensions


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