IGT printability tester F1 for flexo without any engraved disc

The F1 is universal flexo tester for use with solvent based inks, UV inks and water inks on a range of substrates. The F1 is available with facilities for printing on corrugated board and for gravure printing. lso available as the F1-UV with integrated UV dryer.


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  • Electronic printing force and speed setting and control
  • Flexo or gravure mode selection
  • Printing speed: 0.2 -1.5 m/s
  • Printing force: 10 – 500 N
  • Impression cylinder and engraved disc are automatically brought under pressure, printed and lifted
  • Doctor blade is automatically placed against engraved disc and lifted
  • Maximum substrate thickness 4 mm
  • Printing width on substrate: 40 mm
  • Printing length on substrate: 200 mm (2nd print)
  • Engraved disc is inked twice
  • Photopolymer cylinder can be inked up to 20 revolutions


  • Electrical rating:115/230 V-50/60 Hz

Weight and dimensions


  • 300 x 650 x 400 mm 35 kg

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