Mütek DFR-05 HB

The lab device BTG-Mütek™ DFR-05 HB is an ergonomic modern equipment that measures freeness and headbox dewatering under shear forces to simulate drainage conditions prevailing in a paper machine. This enables data collection in mill environment to optimize fiber treatment, chemical additions and other process parameters influencing dewatering performance. The BTG-Mütek™ DFR-05 light is designed to be set up with a PC application software, BTG lab software.


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  • Measures automatically freeness
  • Reveals dewatering speed changes
  • Simulates headbox dewatering conditions
  • One unit for all mill drainage applications
  • Ergonomic design
  • Display of °SR, CSF and drainage curve
  • Temperature compensation
  • Adjustable shear conditions
  • Consistency correction table
  • Upgradeable

Delivery list

  • 60 mesh screen
  • Temperature sensor
  • PC application software, BTG Lab software. This software can be used for all BTG-Mütek™ LAB instruments.


  • 230 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz

Weight and dimensions


  • W/D/H : 200 / 260 / 450 mm 10 Kg

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