PCD 05 Smart

The Mütek™ PCD 05 Smart Particle Charge Detector measures the colloidally dissolved substances in an aqueous sample. In the paper industry, the PCD is a standard tool for detecting anionic trash levels but also for characterizing chemical additives. Identification of charge levels is not only very important for the paper industry but also for numerous alternative applications like waste water treatment, beverage and food industry, ceramics, colors and pharmaceuticals.
The Mütek PCD 05 Smart is a true stand-alone lab unit and perfectly suited for the frequent traveller and the newcomer to charge measurement as built-in titration module. Cartridges with polyelectrolytes solutions and different special titration algorithm make lab life easy and guarantee reproducible results.
Optionally, the Mütek™ PCD 05 can be equipped with a pH-electrode.


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  • Streaming current detector modular set-up
  • WLAN interface
  • Full operation via smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Basic operation via included Smartdisplay
  • Travel titrator module
  • Open tube system to use alternative titrants directly from their bottles.

Delivery list

  • A detachable Smart display
  • A titrator module
  • A precision measuring cell with piston
  • A beaker with screen for filtrating fibre suspensions
  • A cleaning brush
  • Two cartridges with polyelectrolyte standards (Polydadmac 1.10-3 N 250 ml and PesNa 1.10-3 N 250 ml)
  • The manual is provided in english


  • 100 -240 VAC/ 2.92 A / 50 – 60 Hz

Weight and dimensions


  • W/D/H : 343 / 209 / 319 mm 5.8 Kg

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