Let’s improve together your measurement processes

Noviprofibre innovates in all areas to offer you products and services of high quality at the cutting edge of technology.

We sell laboratory equipment and services related to quality control for the paper industry.

We make measurement easier and faster.

Our missions

Sharing our knowledge, improving work experience, keeping in touch, being attentive are at the heart of our missions. We like to carry them high with our customers and our partners to achieve a range of products and services related to our values.

Share our knowledge

We like to share our expertise by offering solutions tailored to your needs and at the cutting edge of innovation and standards

Improve the work experience

We provide solutions adapted to the needs of our customers, especially in terms of human machine interfaces.

Keep the link

Customer once, customer always. We like to keep in touch by regularly visiting our customers and offering technical innovations continuously.

To listen

We try to understand and listen to our customers to offer them a range of services in perpetual evolution and in line with their needs.


Our product range

We market measurement devices for quality control in the paper industry. We develop and produce a part of our equipment in France in our production workshop. The other part of our devices is manufactured in Europe by prestigious conpagny such as IGT Testing system or BTG.

Our devices are fully compliant with ISO standards. We have all the skills to offer you the necessary services over the life of our devices.


Our range of services

Our maintenance department travels around the world to offer monitoring of measurement devices ranging from simple maintenance to calibration or repair. We take care of any device of our range but also the devices of other brands. Our service has an experience of more than 20 years. Our technicians are continually trained in the new technologies that we develop and are familiar with old devices.

Our philosophy is above all to repair the existing. We also offer retrofits to preserve old devices by improving them with our latest technologies.

We have a mechanical repair and electronics workshop on our Eybens site.


Training and accompaniment

We offer on-site training in various fields related to our core business.

We also offer online training on our software and connected devices. These training courses make it possible to take in hand quickly our solutions.

We are listening to specific requests for team training on measurement or to answer technical questions.

Our history

Our futur

The company Noviprofibre founded in 1947 is located in Eybens, a suburb of Grenoble (Isère). Initially, Noviprofibre specializes in the sale of chemical products. Novi and Profibre become Noviprofibre.

In the 90s Jean-Pierre Livran takes over Noviprofibre and develops the sale of equipment and maintenance contracts in France. New partnerships are concluded at this time.

In the 2000s Damien and Julien Livran join the company which becomes a family company.

Damien Livran develops the export sales network and takes over the commercial management of the company.

Julien Livran creates the R & D branch of Noviprofibre with the creation of software for quality control.

At Noviprofibre we want to improve the experience of our customers.

The three strong axes that we will continue to develop in the coming years are:

  • Service by staying in touch with our customers to help them solve their problems.
  • Research to offer state-of-the-art equipment and enable a quieter user experience.
  • The creation of partnership around the world to expand our presence and our values.

Ils nous font confiance

International presence

We have a network of agents and partners covering the  world. This network allows us to be in contact with our customers and to best meet their needs

We work directly with customers for maintenance, calibration and repairs in Europe and Africa.

Our partners take care of all the commercial requests in their respective countries.

Satisfaction client

Très satisfait du service client. Très professionnel et partenaire de premier choix à tout niveau même pour nos attentes quelques fois un peu particulières. Toujours très réactif et à l'écoute. Je recommande sans détour

Stéphane DufreneyTechnicien Grenoble INP-PAGORA

We recently lost our only user of the Noviprobibre test bench bought 3 years ago.
With the arrival of our new quality manager, we needed to put back our test bench and reorganize our quality processes.
Noviprofibre has agreed to (re) train us, which has allowed us to quickly set foot in the stirrup of our quality processes. They also agreed to upgrade the Novilog application to meet a new need for Eurobright.

Responsive and friendly the team is attentive to our needs. It is for Eurobrillance a trusted partner.

Jean-Claude JessusRSI


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